Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, the Border will only be open on the 8th of this month.
Fernandinho will not be able to quarantine so we have now decided that the best option is to have Fernandinho participate with us online.
Fernandinho will be ministering to us from his studio in Rio. God will surely move and it will be a great blessing.



He is married to Simone and is the father of Daniel, Pedro Henrique, Isabela, and Matheus. He is the leader of the ministry Cry for the Nations and the School of Cry for the Nations which has the vision of preparing and raising leaders. He is a revivalist with a focus primarily on prophetic worship with a focus on leading the Lord’s church throughout the land to rise up and fulfill its calling.


Founder of the A Call to the Nations ministry. With his wife Marti, he has been active in the ministry for over 40 years. Together they have ministered in over 50 nations, but their hearts have been captured by one nation: Brazil. During their first visit to Brazil in 1983, they were impacted by the hunger visible in people’s eyes, which awakened and confirmed the prophetic promise they had long carried to see a new generation of flaming worshipers raised up by God.

Tommy & Miriam Evans

Tommy and Miriam have traveled locally, nationally and internationally to teach, preach and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have experience in pastoral ministry, church leadership and marketplace ministry. Both Miriam and Tommy are members of the Apostolic Counsel of Prophetic Elders and Tommy is a graduate of Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California.


Jason Lee Jones

Jason Lee has traveled the world bringing the tangible presence of God into every atmosphere. From the rugged terrain of Mozambique to the revivals of Brazil, Jason has led worship and ministered alongside Heidi Baker and the team at Iris ministries.  The anointing carried by Jason Lee Jones is undeniable. Experience the life-changing presence of God.




Fernandinho is a Brazilian Christian music singer, composer and evangelical pastor. With a strong revival influence in your ministry. Fernandinho uses his life to disseminate songs that have impacted a generation. He started the Ministry Faz Chover in 2001. His lyrics come from experiences shared with the Church in song form.


Jason Upton

Jason Upton is a singer/songwriter with the heart of a pastor. Whether Jason is leading people in worship through singing or speaking, Jason does his best to carry the heart of our heavenly Father. His songs and his messages reflect a life fully lived in relationship with God, family and friends.


Let's Go!

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The Cry for the Nations Ministry started in 1996 On the streets of Atlanta-USA when the power of God fell upon us. Since then we have taken the revival and missions to several countries like Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, France, South Africa, Australia and the USA. We are an interdenominational ministry and we work with all the churches that want to see the Kingdom of God expanded on earth. We are not a missionary agency, as we believe that the base of missionary work must be done with the involvement of the local church, however, we are facilitators for people to get involved in short, medium and long term missions.